New products, methods and inspiration

Gumec enhances its know-how every single day.

After years focusing on turned components for the hydraulic sector, Gumec has strengthened its product line launching a rich proposal of hydraulic valves sold with its trademark. These valves achieved resounding success both domestically and abroad.
Gumec fulfils every request of an increasingly challenging market by providing valuable technical consultancy. The commitment of carrying out tailored projects on customer’s request turns Gumec into a reliable business partner.

Our experts check the feasibility of customers’ projects concerning small metal parts, hydraulic components and customized valves. By improving all production features, the performance, efficiency and lifespan of the plant to which they are destined will boost. The company’s headquarters is located over an area of about 2,000 square meters, where 200 square meters are destined to offices.


GUMEC is certified UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 by DNV for its first-rate quality level.

From the raw materials about to be worked, to the operational tests on the finished product, every step is checked by our skilled team of professionals. The staff supervises every production procedure preventing mistakes from happening and increasing maintenance standard.

Excellence in quality is one of Gumec’s goals and this makes us a unique partner on a ever demanding and competitive market.

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Our history

Since its foundation in 1982, Gumec’s management has been driven by a pioneering vision of qualitative excellence in services and production.

Production scheduling, quality and every process have always been marked by high efficiency. In a few year’s time Gumec turned into an advanced company specialized in high-quality hydraulic valves. Over the last decade Gumec has dedicated its efforts to improving its hydraulic valves and today the company is proud to offer a first-class product totally manufactured in Italy.