New products, methods and inspiration

Gumec enhances its know-how every single day.

Our history

GUMEC was founded in 1982 as an automatic subcontracting turnery specialized in mechanical and precision small parts, made according to the customer’s drawing, acquiring competence and quality in all the production process phases.
In the last decade, GUMEC has focused its know-how by creating its own brand of HYDRAULIC VALVES; Gumec Hydraulic
Today the range of GUMEC products is constantly implemented and the company offers to the market an high quality level, totally Made in Italy, enjoying excellent success in national and international market.

The company is versatile and dynamic, responding to the demands of an increasingly demanding market, also providing a technical consultancy service, after sales service, and the willingness to carry out special projects.
Thanks to the particular promptness in satisfying customer requests, to the attention to quality in its products and thanks to the team of professionals who work to ensure continuous business growth, GUMEC ranks competitively with the major exponents of the hydraulic sector.


GUMEC is certified UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 by DNV for its first-rate quality level.

From the raw materials about to be worked, to the operational tests on the finished product, every step is checked by our skilled team of professionals. The staff supervises every production procedure preventing mistakes from happening and increasing maintenance standard.

Providing quality products and a complete service to the final customer is the goal of our work, what sets us apart on a competitive market.

Download the certification   Quality policy GUMEC


The company operates on about 2.000 covered square meters, of which 200 square meters for offices and services.
It has an important machinery fleet, a team of specialized operators who work on different shifts and experienced staff who at the same time selects qualified collaborators.
Located in Correggio (RE), we invite you to discover the whole range of GUMEC valves on our website.
Our Customer service is always at your complete disposal for any type of request.

Machinery fleets

Type Brand Model Diameter Charger Model
Cnc 2 Assi Mono Mandr. Goodway Gls 200 42 Pietro Cucchi Gabbiano Mc
Cnc 2 Assi Mono Mandr. Goodway Gcl 2L 42 Iemca Tall Auto 65/38
Cnc Fantina Mobile 8 assi Motorizzata Nexturn P-2 32 Iemca Boss Cnc 542/32
Cnc Fantina Mobile 8 Assi Tsugami Sr32 32 Iemca Boss Cnc 542/32
Cnc 8 Assi Bimandr. + Asse Y motorizzati Mory Seyki ZT-1500 Y 50 Top Cheyenne
Cnc 2 Assi Bimandr.motorizz. Miyano Bd-42 S 42 Iemca Boss 545/42
Cnc 8 Assi Bimandr. 2 Torrette Motor. Mori Seiki Zl 150 Mc 42 Iemca Boss Cnc 542/32
Cnc 8 Assi Bimandr. 2 Torrette Motor. Mori Seiki Zl 200 Smc 65 Iemca Tall 65/32
Cnc 8 Assi Bimandr. 2 Torrette Motor. Mori Seiki Dl 15 Mc 42 Iemca Boss 542/32
Cnc 8 Assi Bimandr. 2 Torrette Motor. Goodway Gts 150 Mmx 42 Iemca Boss Cnc 542/32
Cnc 4 Assi Bimandr. 2 Torrette Nakamura Tw20 51 Pietro Cucchi Gabbiano
Cnc 8 Assi Bimandr. + Asse Y Motorizzati Nakamura Wt 150 Ii 65 Iemca Master 880/Mp
Cnc Fantina Mobile 8 Assi Motorizzata Nexturn Sa 32 B 32 Barload Pb 32
Tornio Da Rip. Cnc Mono Goodway Gcl-2 42
Tornio per tornitura temprato con robot carico e scarico Takahashi Microstar TNC-L30-NCL
Type Brand Model
Centro Di Lavoro 24 Utensili Haas Vf2 Ss
Centro Di Lavoro Orizzontale Multipallet Akari Seiki Hs-450 J
Centro Di Lavoro Orizzontale Multipallet Haas EC-400
Centro Di Lavoro Orizzontale Multipallet Mori Seiki SH 403
Machinery Brand Model
Trapano Fresa Famup Tcs Pu Da
Trapano Verticale Audax 25 Mg
Sega Automatica Conni C400.A
Pallinatrice Norblast Fn31/B-Af34
Marchiatrice micropunti Berma macchine DB1
Marchiatrice LASER Lasit Tower Mark Z